• Comic strip Guinness

    The comic strip Guinness "Message on a bottle" is now available ! 

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    Gordon Five 33cl + Gordon Finest Gold 33cl + Gordon Finest Platinum 33cl + Gordon Finest Red 33cl + Martin's Pale Ale 33cl + Martin's IPA 33cl + Red Stripe 33cl + Gordon Xmas 33cl + Gordon Scotch Ale 33cl + Guinness Special Export 33cl + Dominus Double 33cl + Dominus Triple 33cl + Timmermans Kriek 33cl + Timmermans Framboise 33cl + Timmermans Pêche 33cl + Timmermans Strawberry 33cl + Bourgogne ...

  • All our beers 75cl in 1 pack !

    IPA 75cl + Bourgogne des Flandres 75cl + Dominus Double 75cl + Dominus Triple 75cl + Timmermans Oude Gueuze 75cl + TImmermans Oude Kriek 75cl + Blanche de Brabant 75cl + Rousse de Brabant 75cl + Blonde de Brabant 75cl +Diabolici 75cl + Waterloo Triple Blond 75cl + Waterloo Double Dark 75cl


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